Generosity Buddha

Out of Compassion for the World

One out of one hundred Americans is currently behind bars. At our April 2018 meeting, the Sweeping Heart Zen Board voted unanimously to send ongoing financial support to the Prison Mindfulness Institute.  Support for PMI and its programs to relieve suffering is now part of Sweeping Heart Zen’s ongoing community service work.  At the present time then we’ve added our support for PMI to the monthly support we provide to The Grace Center and Action, Inc. in Gloucester.

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the healing power in giving

Happy Holidays, The Healing Power in Giving

Last week “Giving Tuesday” got my attention for the first time. I love the idea, but I’ve been totally out of the loop. Where did “Giving Tuesday” come from? I’m interested to know because the world really needs our generosity right now. That’s because there’s a healing power in giving that’s way beyond the strength of greed and consumerism.  Therefore, what I want to celebrate this holiday season is the healing power in giving.

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