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Deep Healing, Rest, Relax, Let Go

I walk to the Gloucester Unitarian Church 5-days a week to lead morning meditation. Last Tuesday, I got a late start, so anxiety quickened my pace.  With my rushed steps, I added tension and stress to the walk.  Of course, I made it to meditation on time, but I also decided to set out ten-minutes earlier for my walks. These extra ten-minutes give a boost to the quality of my day.  No more rushing, a bit more relaxing.  Part of the deep healing I need to do in my life involves noticing and letting go whenever I slip back into habit-stress and habit-struggle.  The extra minutes give me time to walk slowly, to rest and relax, to let go along my way.

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Anger is an important, extremely unpleasant, powerful, and often destructive energy. Personally, any time I feel it, I immediately know that something I’m deeply attached to is at stake. When I feel antagonized or emotionally chafed I know that I’m clinging to some opinion or idea I hold dear in the moment.  When I find myself boiling with resentment, that uncomfortable roiling around my heart prompts me to identify my personal boundaries and tells me I expect they’re about to be crossed.  This kind of informative clarity might be called anger’s upside.

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