Right Effort

Sky-like Innate Awareness

Relaxing in Innate Awareness

“Develop a mind that is vast like space, where both pleasant and unpleasant experiences can appear and disappear without conflict, struggle or harm. Rest in a mind like vast sky.” ~The Buddha

In my last post, I talked about physical rest and bodily relaxation within the broad context of practice.  I suggested that rest and relaxation are not optional. A skillful and accomplished yogis knows when, where, and how to rest.  On the mat or meditation cushion? Yes.  In all of life’s play, work, and relationships?  Check. By the same token, the skilled yogis also knows that relaxation and rest must also be found in the sky-like, innate awareness she was born with. Relaxing in innate awareness is another key to making progress in life, in yoga or along the Buddhist path.

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Rest Relax

Deep Healing, Rest, Relax, Let Go

I walk to the Gloucester Unitarian Church 5-days a week to lead morning meditation. Last Tuesday, I got a late start, so anxiety quickened my pace.  With my rushed steps, I added tension and stress to the walk.  Of course, I made it to meditation on time, but I also decided to set out ten-minutes earlier for my walks. These extra ten-minutes give a boost to the quality of my day.  No more rushing, a bit more relaxing.  Part of the deep healing I need to do in my life involves noticing and letting go whenever I slip back into habit-stress and habit-struggle.  The extra minutes give me time to walk slowly, to rest and relax, to let go along my way.

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Just Wake Up

“Buddhism Schmuddhism,” Just Wake Up!

Okay, I love the point.  So I borrowed the “Buddhism Schmuddhism,” thing from Lama Surya Das.  His point?  The point?  Don’t bother becoming a Buddhist, or becoming  anything at all, for that matter.  Just wake up to the way things are now, to the way you are now.  Wake up to your life. Grow your inner goodness. Be the wide open knowing at your center.  Fall in love with and share your gifts.  Live who you truly are. Not tomorrow, not last week, live right now.

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